POP! Town Redefining DeFi: Why it Matters

The transformative impact DeFi is having on the global financial economy

The POP! process

  • POP’s! key features are helpful in the evolution of DeFi:
  • POP! will run the mitigating impermanent loss via a rebalancing mechanism, i.e., selling the surplus side to buy back the deficit side.
  • POP! is 100% managed by smart contracts negating the need for centralized custody.
  • Both the MLP taker and maker are charged a 1% fee depending on their token holdings. This fee is added to the POP! Vault. 20% is sent to the development wallet, while 80% is used to purchase ETH and POP! for additional liquidity to the pool.
  • POP! Token has an incentive for users to earn rewards from the POP! Candy farms.



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POP! is a platform that allows 2 projects to prove their partnership and allows single-sided LP funding on Uniswap, by matching providers.