Dear POP! Town,

After working tirelessly on POP!, we’re excited to finally release our action-packed May Roadmap! As the name suggests, this roadmap will extend over the month of May, starting from the 04th of May (tomorrow) and running until the 31st of May. During the first 10 days, we will be gearing the community towards Phase 3 — our final and most anticipated phase — such that you can be as prepared as possible for when our tasty MLPs go live!

So, what does the roadmap entail?

May 04th — Token Migration Event (TME): This will kick-off the start of our transition into Phase 3, where the community can swap their POP!v2 tokens for v3 tokens. More to come on this tomorrow!

May 06th — MLP Voting Competition: This competition will provide the community with the opportunity to vote for their favourite team. A detailed article will be released informing the community of all the details surrounding the competition.

May 09th — TME status update

May 10th — MLP Voting Competition Winner Announcement: The team to win, will receive bonus allocation points to reward their supportive community!

May 12th — BeInCrypto Community AMA: This AMA will be hosted here: at 14:00 UTC.

May 14th — TME Conclusion and Phase 3 Launch: Once the TME is completed, Phase 3 will go live!

May 15th — 1st MLP Launch

May 16th — 2nd MLP Launch

May 17th — 3rd MLP Launch

May 18th — MLP Voting Competition Round 2

May 22nd — MLP Voting Competition Winner Announcement Round 2

May 24th — 4th MLP Launch

May 27th — Community/Team AMA

May 31st — 5th MLP Launch

Aside from these milestones, you can expect a variety of fun and interesting announcements throughout the month of May — so make sure to stay tuned, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on the exciting weeks to come!

As always, stay POPpin’!

About POP!

POP! is a platform that allows 2 projects to objectively display mutual trust and commitment to each other, by locking their respective tokens together and creating a trustless Mutual Liquidity Pool (MLP). In addition, it grants POP! users the opportunity to provide single-sided liquidity, in the form of their favourite token, by matching them with another POP! user and adding their joint liquidity into the MLP.

Powered by Faculty Group, POP! aims to set a new golden standard with regards to partnerships, and how they are perceived in the digital asset ecosystem.

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POP! is a platform that allows 2 projects to prove their partnership and allows single-sided LP funding on Uniswap, by matching providers.