Announcing the POP! Roadmap



Envisioned Challenges

  • Defining, implementing, and spreading POP!’s vision — (Vision)
  • Ensuring intrinsic POP! (token) value — (Utility)
  • Stimulating ecosystem growth — (Growth)
  • Expanding technical excellence and utility of platform — (Tech)

1. Defining, implementing, and spreading POP!’s vision

2. Ensuring intrinsic POP! (token) value

3. Stimulating ecosystem growth

  • Soft — Knowledge is power and marketing helps to spread the knowledge. POP! shall create extensive and detailed documentation, articles, and content to provide the best possible source of information about our vision, technological solutions, and initiatives to help people form objective and fully informed decisions. Together with our community, influencers, partners, and other significant shareholders, we shall actively work on promoting these.
  • Hard — Quality speaks for itself. Hard growth represents the continuous development and implementation of new features, tools, and products, thereby enhancing the offering of POP!’s ecosystem. We shall strive to provide a continuous stream of innovative products for POP!’s users to enjoy.
  • Organic — Best way to grow a following is to lead by example and through “word of mouth”. As seen multiple times in traditional markets and products, not even the best marketers in the most prestigious companies in the world can dream to achieve the same level of awareness as a dedicated community of users and members sharing their genuine satisfaction with their peers. POP! shall strive to satisfy its community with excellent products and incentivized community activities, combined with the necessary tools to help spread the word.

4. Expanding technical excellence and utility of the platform

5. Developing chain-agnostic functionality

POP!’s Solution

Therefore, without further ado, we are proud to present our exciting and new POP! Roadmap!

  1. POP! Foundation (Vision, Growth) — In order to ensure POP!’s vision of “becoming a Golden Standard for partnerships and providing socio-economic incentives for meaningful, honest, and productive collaboration between projects” is heard and seen, we have decided to found a not-for-profit organization — the POP! Foundation. The goal of this organization is to define, evangelize and certify a set of voluntary industry standards for partnering projects, and thereby creating a concise framework of requirements to guarantee the highest level of standards in partnerships. Members of this foundation (which are themselves successful crypto projects and companies) shall lead by example our mission to adhere to these high professional standards and build a fairer and brighter future for crypto markets as a whole. After rigorous vetting, compliant projects may apply for certification and POP!’s official “stamp of approval”
  2. Candy Farms (Utility, Growth) — As previously described, in order to flourish a supportive and dynamic community, token utility mechanisms that drive demand are vital. Therefore, POP! will implement an exciting new staking mechanism that drives organic token demand through clear and valuable token utility, and limits the circulating supply of POP! tokens by having them staked and “working” for our token holders. Therefore, with Candy Farms, POP! token holders will be able to stake their POP! tokens and earn sweet rewards in the form of 3rd-party tokens provided by our partners.
  3. Multi-chain POP! (Utility, Tech, Growth) — To ensure that POP! remains relevant, we will take advantage of the highly beneficial characteristics that the various exciting networks (both available and still under development) pose. These integrations will include strategic partnerships that will provide for technical support, as well as other exciting activities! Our aim is to support a range of popular chains that will empower our community and POP! products, by providing drastic gas saving capabilities and will allow us to roll out a series of sophisticated new tools that are economically unfeasible on the Ethereum mainnet. On top of the technological and economical benefits that chain agnosticism brings, this move will allow us to onboard more projects and new communities to bolster the ranks of POP! members and MLPs.
  4. POP Multi-chain Bridge (Tech, Utility) — There is only one true POP!, but it comes in many forms. To ensure that the POP! tokens retain their value, whilst maintaining multi-chain presence, its supply needs to be consistent amongst all chains. To ensure this, we will be rolling out a POP! Multi-chain Bridge, providing our users easy cross-chain migration capabilities whilst ensuring a 1:1 backing for each bridged POP! Token. When the POP! token is moved from chain A to chain B, the bridge will lock tokens on chain A and emit an equal number of tokens on chain B. This means that the total supply of POP! tokens will never change and POP!’s value is consistent, regardless of which chain it’s on.
  5. New Marketplaces (Utility, Growth) — In order to guarantee sufficient liquidity and a healthy and efficient trading ecosystem for the POP! token, we have decided to pursue additional marketplaces for our native token — CEXs and DEXs alike. Given the nature of DeFi’s novelty and (initially) tricky learning curve, we’ve decided to pursue a listing on a strong centralized exchange to open the door for more users. This will expand POP!’s liquidity depth while providing for more unique purchasing avenues, and provide an alternative marketplace to (sometimes) relatively gas-costly DEXs.
  6. POP! Partnerships (Vision, Growth) — To sustainably expand our ecosystem, we are actively working on several partnerships between POP! and other key market players. These will open the doors for numerous opportunities that will drive long-term adoption and allow for effective technological and utilitarian expansion of our ecosystem, whilst promoting the growth of POP!’s user base.
  7. MLP listings (Utility, Growth) — MLPs are at the core of the POP! ecosystem and technology stack, therefore, to drastically escalate our ecosystem growth, we will be announcing numerous new MLP listings, while also making significant alterations to the MLP characteristics that will establish a more attractive model. As an essential feature, MLPs will accompany POP! during its whole life cycle, and therefore we plan to also feature new and unique “cross-chain” MLPs allowing projects even on distinct chains to enter meaningful MLPs and utilize our revolutionary technology for the good of their (and our) communities. As one of our core utility cases, we do believe that consistent expansion of our portfolio of MLPs will be one of the key factors driving the demand and adoption of our ecosystem.
  8. MLPs As a Service — MaaS (Tech, Utility) — Mutual Liquidity Pools and Single-Sided Liquidity Provisioning developed by the POP! team represents a unique and innovative platform that revolutionizes the concept of liquidity provisioning and mining. After spending more than a year of stealth development, security audits, and significant self-funded development costs, we believe that we have created a novel solution that has no equivalent in the rest of the market. We have decided to open our technical solution to be utilized by third parties in their technology stacks under the Software as a Service model. Interested integrators will be required to pay for the utilization of our ecosystem in our native POP! token and proceeds will be used within our ecosystem.
  9. Compounding MLP standard (Utility, Growth) — Everyone loves rewards, but do you know what is even better? More rewards! With the compounding MLP standard, we will release an open-source library of smart contracts allowing our partners to integrate POP!’s unique MLP technology into their existing Liquidity Mining schemes providing Single-Sided Liquidity provisioning to their communities via the POP! platform and allowing people to earn additional LM rewards provided by our integrators, from the comfort of their platform and ours alike.
  10. Green Initiative (Vision) — POP! was designed to benefit all ecosystem participants, and there is one ecosystem we all share — planet Earth. As suggested by numerous famous activists and futurists as well as the (in)famous Elon Musk Tweet, we should all strive to make crypto “green”. As such, we believe that pursuing a rare, yet meaningful, initiative that can physically benefit our world, while providing a spotlight on POP!, is a no-brainer. This will come in the form of a powerful partnership that will get us 1 step closer to a cleaner and greener world, by fully offsetting POP!’s carbon debt.
  11. Platform Enhancements (Tech) — One of our key goals is to make an attractive, secure, and dynamic platform. As such, we will be releasing major updates to the UX/UI, in order to increase functionality, simplicity and overall “feel”. This will be accompanied by deep security audits and continuous quality control checks.
  12. Project X (Utility, Growth) — At last, let’s add a bit of a mystery. For the last few months, our team has been working closely with an important group of partners to create a new and unique initiative. At the request of our partners, we will not reveal more details until the project is ready to be released, however, we will update our roadmap retrospectively to show it. Stay tuned!

About POP!



POP! is a platform that allows 2 projects to prove their partnership and allows single-sided LP funding on Uniswap, by matching providers.

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POP! is a platform that allows 2 projects to prove their partnership and allows single-sided LP funding on Uniswap, by matching providers.