AllianceBlock and Ocean Protocol create the third MLP on POP!

Dear POP! Town,

Today we are excited to announce that Ocean Protocol and AllianceBlock have decided to launch the third Mutual Liquidity Pool (MLP) on POP!

You can find the MLP on our website here!

The launch of this MLP sends a strong message to the market, by highlight the sincerity and commitment behind their partnership, while providing the opportunity for their respective communities to directly benefit from this partnership. In this article we will elaborate on what this means, the details surrounding the MLP, and finally some information on their partnership.

What does this mean?

To better understand how this will work, let’s have a look at an example:

Assume that Popeye owns ALBT tokens and he would like to participate in the ALBT x OCEAN MLP. First of all, he would access our website here, and connect with his wallet that holds the ALBT tokens.

After entering the App, Popeye will find and select the ALBT x OCEAN MLP. At this point he will be greeted with our MLP Marketplace, which provides a UI for Making and Taking single-sided offers. Given Popeye holds ALBT, he can make an offer with his ALBT tokens in order to match with an OCEAN holder.

Let’s assume that he holds 1,000 ALBT and would like to make an offer with all his tokens. All he would need to do is input the values marked in the Make Offer window (Purple window), confirm the transaction, and it will be displayed on the marketplace.

At that point, once a OCEAN holder Takes his offer, both Popeye and his partner’s funds will be joined and added into the LP, whereby they will begin their farming partnership!

Throughout the farming period both Popeye and his farming partner can claim their rewards (in the form of POP!, ALBT and OCEAN tokens). At the end of the farming period, they will be able to claim back their initial tokens, and should one of the farmers have suffered a loss due to impermanent loss, a portion of the loss will be mitigated through POP!’s rebalancing mechanism.

For more information on how POP! works, and how to interact with our App, please check out our guide here. Should you have any questions, please check out our FAQ, or shoot us a message on our telegram group.

Details about the MLP

About the Partnership

DeFi P2P lending applications and traditional equivalent applications will be connected to the AllianceBlock product, and all lenders interested in participating in a specific financing will need to do KYC/AML and get validated by the regulatory and compliance tools built by AllianceBlock. Storage and access control to data for lenders will use Ocean Protocol technology, with lenders being able to grant and revoke access to their data.

Through Ocean Protocol, retail banking APIs will be able to connect to DeFi in a way that is compliant with financial regulations such as PSD2, resulting in new, exciting open banking solutions.

For more information regarding their partnership, please read their medium articles — AllianceBlock Announcement | Ocean Protocol Announcement

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