AllianceBlock and Bridge Mutual reinstate their MLP together on POP!

Dear POP! Town,

Today we are excited to announce that AllianceBlock and Bridge Mutual have decided to launch their second Mutual Liquidity Pool (MLP) on POP!

You can find the MLP on our website here!

Reinstating this MLP sends a strong message to the market, by displaying how committed both AllianceBlock and Bridge Mutual are at proving their sincerity behind their partnership. After a successful premiere launch, both teams have decided that a second MLP would be the right step forward for their communities. If you would like to find out details regarding the first MLP, such as how it works and what the parameters of the MLP were, please see our previous post here.

Details about the MLP

As mentioned in our previous article, while bonus rewards have been committed, they will however only come into effect once our Candy Farms have been released. This means that users will be farming POP! tokens in the MLP, and once the Candy Farms go live, POP! holders will be able to stake their POP! tokens and earn sweet bonus rewards! We will make an announcement once this goes live, so that you will be ready to farm away until your sweet tooth is content!

Information about the AllianceBlock x Bridge Mutual Partnership

AllianceBlock will integrate Bridge Mutual into its P2P lending, investment and NFT platform, allowing Bridge Mutual to provide coverage to lenders and investors. Bridge Mutual will also work to monetize its platform through the AllianceBlock Data Tunnel. Additionally, Bridge Mutual will join AllianceBlock’s pioneering multi-pair liquidity mining platform to offer BMI token holders instant liquidity via staking, with high APY rewards for a range of pairs.

For more information regarding their partnership, please read their medium articles — AllianceBlock Announcement | Bridge Mutual Announcement

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